Use your 1099 for qualifying mortgage loan income

1099 for mortgage loan income

Minneapolis, MN: Are you an independent contractor getting paid with a 1099, not a W2, and having trouble getting approved for a home mortgage loan?

We have the solution for you!

We can potentially approve you for your home loan with just your 1099 income and NO TAX RETURN needed. Qualify using 90% of your gross 1099 earnings and as little as just one year’s 1099. You can combine your 1099 income other income sources too, like a regular W2 job, SSI, Pension, and of course, any co-applicants income.

You’ll need at least a 620 credit score, and officially you must be self-employed for at least two years, but less than 2 years may be considered if in the same line of work as your old W2 job.

We make it EA$Y, give me a call to learn more about our 1099 for income mortgage loans and get into your new home today! Call (651) 552-3681 or visit just click APPLY right on this website. 

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