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  • June is National Homeownership Month

    June is National Homeownership Month Minneapolis, MN:  We all need a place to live. While renting works for many people, especially short-term, homeownership has a well documented history of major benefits, proving why throughout history so many [...]

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    Succeeding in a Seller’s Market – There is an App for that

    Today’s competitive housing market requires buyers, lenders and real estate agents to act fast. For quite some time multiple competing offers, seller-favored contracts and homes selling well-above listing have become the norm. This [...]

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    How to Cope: Home buyer heartbreak

    How to Cope: Home buyer heartbreak Minneapolis, MN: If you’re out and about in today’s housing market, when we reference “home buying heartbreak” you likely know exactly what we are talking about. Navigating today’s housing market is [...]

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    Play the Home Buyer Game Show

    Buying a home doesn't need to be complicated! When you're preparing to buy a home, especially for first time home buyers, it's really important to know what actions can make or break your transaction. Buying a home doesn't need to be complicated, [...]

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    Local Mortgage Experts

    Minneapolis, MN: Real Estate Agents are more likely to be credited as local neighborhood experts, while a mortgage Loan Officer is not, and the lender at the 1-800 phone number is OK to use. In fact, it is almost always never in your best interest to[...]

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    Determining your mortgage payment

    For many homebuyers, especially first time home buyers, figuring out what your potential new home mortgage payment might feel intimidating.  We try to make it simple with a variety of tools, the best of which is the Cambria Mortgage App. Plug [...]

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    Down payment smaller than you think

    First Time home buyers may be able to move into their own home with just 3% down! This standard conventional mortgage option allows first time home buyers to qualify for a home loan with a low down payment and cancellable private mortgage insurance. [...]

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    Are you searching for your dream home?

    Are you searching for your dream home? Maybe you've just found it, and are wondering what's next? A good first step is to always pre-qualify for a mortgage so you know how much you may be able to borrow.  A pre-qualification also is required to [...]

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    It’s Hard to Believe, but Today’s Homes are Affordable

    It’s Hard to Believe, but Today’s Homes are Affordable Minneapolis, MN: It’s no secret, home prices have skyrocketed. In fact, according to CoreLogic’s April 2021 Home Price Index report, home prices increased 13 percent year-over-year and [...]

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    When should I apply for a mortgage loan

    if you are thinking of buying a home, a common question is to ask how far before wanting to buy should you apply for a mortgage loan. My general guidance is as follows: If your credit score is over 740 and you have at least ten open items of [...]

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