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  • First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Rates You Can Brag About

  • Follow These Simple Steps To Become a Home Owner

    Minneapolis, MN: Being a first time home buyer can sound scary.  It really isn't, and obviously millions of people have done it before you.  Here are the 7 simple steps to becoming a home owner. 1) Apply for Financing Pick one of these options to[...]

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    Applying for a mortgage in a COVID World

    While CDC guidelines seem to be loosening with each passing day, for many people things still don’t feel “normal” enough to be comfortable meeting in-person. So the question is… Can you still obtain a mortgage with limited [...]

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    Get the Cambria Mortgage App for a better Mortgage Experience

    Want to feel fully connected + in-the-know during your home financing journey? With the Cambria Mortgage Mobile App, a transparent & streamlined home financing experience is in the palm of your hand!   When you use the App, you [...]

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    10 Credit Mistakes to Avoid

    Buying your own home is one of the greatest rewards in your life...  Unfortunately, many people never get there, and a leading cause is bad credit. Here are 10 tips to have good credit. 10) Not knowing your APR, or fees associated with your[...]

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    31 percent of home buyers in 2020 were first time buyers

    Minneapolis, MN: Being a first time home buyer can feel a bit scary, but a whopping 31% of home buyers in 2020 were just that, and we can help you be one in 2021. It all starts with a simple application. The application can be taken over the [...]

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    Your Lender Choice Makes A Difference

    Minneapolis, MN:  With mortgage interest rates near historic lows, and a lack on homes for sale, the Minnesota housing market is one of the most competitive markets I've ever seen in over two decades of mortgage lending. So what does this mean [...]

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    Use your tax refund for down payment

       Lack of down payment money is the number one reason many potential first time home buyers do not think they can buy a home. While there are many down payment assistance programs that can help, you will always get a better deal using [...]

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    Woodbury MN Down Payment Assistance

    The City of Woodbury MN provides down payment assistance to make homeownership more affordable.  Low-interest, deferred loans of up to $25,000 are available to buyers who have not owned a home in the past three years.  Purchase prices must [...]

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    Rent or Buy?

    Looking to buy your first home? It can be both fun and scary being a first time home buyer. Many people wonder is they should keep renting, or to buy their own home. Cambria Mortgage helps you make an informed decision with a full and detailed [...]

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    Popular First Time Home Buyer Program in MN

    Minneapolis, MN: There are a lot of first time home buyer programs, and they are vary dramatically by state, county, or even the city level. Many of them come and go as funding runs out. Down payment assistance is super popular, and we have options [...]

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