• Use your Tax Refund for Down Payment

    Lack of down payment money is the number one reason many potential first time home buyers do not think they can buy a home.

    While there are many down payment assistance programs that can help, you will always get a better deal using your own money for down payment.

    Most people get the refund, and have no idea where it ends up getting spent. This year be different - This year put it to good use.

    Using your tax refund as down payment is not only allowable with mortgage lenders, but it also one of the big reasons spring is such a popular time to buy a home.

    You can apply online and get pre-approved right now today, even if you don't have the money yet.  Of course you will have had to receive it by closing time, but you can get started on your home search today!

  • Tax Refund for Down Payment on a House



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