• There are a lot of myths about home financing

    Minneapolis, St Paul, MN: Many people who probably can buy a home today wrongly believe they can’t, and a lot more people, with just a little bit of knowledge can put themselves into position to buy a home in just a few months. Yet they sit on the sidelines renting. Generally the answer is misinformation. You heard something from someone, and you think you can’t.

    Well I am here to tell you, you probably can buy a home either today, or soon.

    Let’s bust a few first time home buyer myths.

    Mortgage mythHere is a very small list of common misconceptions about buying a first home.

    • Did you know if you have less than perfect credit (above 580 score), you can possibly still buy a home with a small down payment?
    • Did you know, the national average down payment is only 7%?
    • Did you know if you have between $1,000 – $2,000 of your own money, you can probably buy a home?
    • Did you know rural homes, and U.S. Military personal can buy a home with no down payment?
    • Did you know if your credit score is higher than 640, you can probably get down payment assistance?
    • Did you know applying doesn’t cost anything, and doesn’t hurt anything for us to look?
    • Did you know the process is 100% easier than you probably think it is?

    See, that wasn’t so scary.


    How Do I get Started

    Heck, that is even easier.  It all starts with a loan application. You can complete an ONLINE APPLICATION in about 10-minutes online. All the information needed is in your head. No need to look things up.  We can also take your information over the phone, or you can schedule an old fashioned sit down in-office application.

    Regardless of how we get your initial information, we will review everything and discuss with you what loan programs you qualify for, how much house you can afford, what monthly payments will look like, and how much money you might need to pull it all together.

    In no time, you will have a first time home buyer pre-approval letter in your hand, and be out shopping for a home.

    Of course not everyone will qualify today. For those people, we will give you professional guidance and directions on what to do to put yourself into position to buy a house in the near future.

    Either way, a win win for you, so click the appropriate link above, and lets get you in a home of your own!

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