• Minneapolis, MN:  Face it, saving money for down payment can be hard.  One reason why spring is such a popular time to buy a home is because of a tax refund. The tax refund extra jolt to your bank account balance helps push many people over the top in the down payment department, making home ownership possible.

    TAX REFUNDS for down payment!

    Tax refund for down payment
    A very popular program for buying a home only require 3% of the purchase price for down payment. If you qualify, down payment assistance may be available, resulting in many people only needing $1000 to $2000 out-of-pocket.
    Rural home buyers, and our U.S. Military personal can buy with no down payment with the USDA Rural Development Loan or the VA Home Loan.
    Of course everyone’s situation is different, and the only way to officially know is to have a licensed professional Loan Officer review all your information. If doesn’t cost anything, and there are no obligations to find out all your options.
    Call our First Time Home Buyer loan experts at (651) 552-3681 for just Apply Online right now in 10-minutes.
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