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    NMLS 225504

  • Licensing Info

  • All companies engaging in home loan lending must be licensed by either the state of federal government.

    All Loan Officers must have an NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry) tracking number. The NMLS number is not an individual license number. More than 1/2 of all Loan Officers are simply registered, not licensed.

  • Mortgages Unlimited Licensing Information

    StateLicense # License Type
    MN MN-MO-20184383 Residential Mortgage originator License
    WI 225504BR Mortgage Broker License
    WI 352BA Mortgage Banker License
    FL MBR2466 Mortgage Broker License
    FL MLD1551 Mortgage Lender LIcense
    SD ML.04977 Mortgage Lender License
  • NMLS Numbers

    Location/PersonNMLS #
    St Paul Branch387944
    Joe Metzler 274132
    Eric Metzler 276101