• Found a diamond in the rough?
    Cambria Mortgage Renovations loans can help in MN, WI, IA,ND, and SD

    203k and Homestyle rehab loans

    There are many homes in the market that are a diamond in the rough. With a little vision, elbow grease, and a little money, many of these homes can be restored to their former glory, and then some.

    Having the money to repair homes, or bring them up to code is just out of the reach of many people. So in steps the two popular rehab loans:

    Both loans allow you to both BUY the home, and GET THE MONEY to update, improve, or renovate a home in need of a little TLC all in one easy loan.

    You can also use the renovation loans to improve your existing home.

    The best part of the rehab loan for your existing home is that it is based on the FUTURE VALUE of the home (after repairs value), versus a standard home equity loan, which is based on the current value of the home.

    Cambria Mortgage, Joe Metzler


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