• Minneapolis, MN: No matter what someone is shopping for, including a home mortgage loan, we always seem to search for the “lowest price” or “lowest rate”.

    Unfortunately, finding the “lowest rate” does not necessarily mean that you are finding the “best deal” that there is available. This applies to more than just home loans too. Of course you can go to WalMart and get a paper thin T-Shirt for $6.99. It will fall apart in the first wash, but hey, it was a great price.

    In the mortgage world, it is easy to obtain a ‘low rate’, but at the same time, just like the T-Shirt, not necessarily the best deal for you because the best deal in home financing encompasses more than just interest rate.

    For example, are you aware that not only is there a down payment required for many people, there are also loan closing costs that you need to pay when buying a home? (Learn about Loan Closing Costs)

    Did you know that your loans interest rate and closing costs go hand in hand? You can get a really low rate, but that will significantly increase your closing costs.  On the other hand, if you are more limited in money needed to buy a home, we can lower your closing costs by slightly increasing the interest rate.

    So you didn’t get ‘the best rate’, but you were able structure a great deal to actually be able to buy a home.

    The correct way to shop for anything is to ask questions, get educated and find the people who will deliver what they promise. In the mortgage world, that person is your local Cambria Mortgage Loan Officer.

    Ready to get started on your journey to home ownership?

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