• Interest Rate For First Time Home Buyers

    When buying a home, especially as a first time home buyer, a logical question to ask is "What are current interest rates?"

    There are many variables that make up the interest rate YOU will get on your home loan. ,Your actual interest rate may vary based on many factors, including your personal situation, loan type, credit scores, loan program, and your closing cost choices.

    Down payment assistance loans, if you are going that route add an additional factor in calculating your interest rate.

    Without knowing a little bit more about you and your situation, any interest rate you see or someone tells you is completely meaningless. "What the other guy got" also means nothing for what you might get.

    The ONLY way to know what interest rate you qualify for is to complete a full loan application.

    My best advice is to at least get Pre-Qualified. This is not a full application, but by giving us a little bit of information, we can zero in like laser beam on your personal situation, then offer appropriate loan programs, and interest rate quotes. A SSN is not required at this stage.

    Mortgage Rates Change

    Most people understand that the stock markets changes all day everyday - Well so do mortgage loan interest rates! While loan interest rates tend to hover up or down slightly most days, an interest rate quote someone gave you an hour ago, a day ago, or even a week ago may right now be higher or lower.  Once you find the exact home, and make a successful offer, your Cambria Mortgage Home Loan Expert will provide you with the current rate you qualify for.

  • Why get pre-qualified for a mortgage?

    If you're thinking about buying a home, checking your mortgage qualifications (getting pre qualified) is a smart first step to take. It is a good way to know which homes are in your budget, what loans you qualify for, and what monthly payments may look like, and whether your qualifications are adequate to get a mortgage loan.  In just a few minutes, you'll get an answer without being required to provide sensitive personal information or needing to pull credit.

    Once you're ready to start visiting homes and making offers, we can seamlessly transition you to a fully verified preapproval, then onward to buying your new home. You'll also get your very own loan team which will be there to answer any questions and help you all the way through closing and beyond.

    ​If you're ready to start looking at homes and making offers, click here to Get Fully Pre-Approved.

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