• First Time Home Buyer Education Classes

    Minneapolis, MN: Most special first time home buyer programs, and down payment assistance programs require the home buyer take a qualified home buyer education class.

    Searching the internet, you will quickly find many free first time home buyer classes, but beware. Many are not the required class to obtain down payment assistance, but rather are marketing gimmicks put on by Real Estate Agents designed to get you to use them to buy a house. Some of the other classes you find may work, but double check with your Loan Officer BEFORE taking any class, as no one want to waste time taking a class that doesn’t meet first time home buyer loan program requirements.

    FRAMEWORK: A Qualified Home Buyer Class

    The Framework class is the program of Choice for a Minnesota Home Buyer Education class

    Historically, your class requirement was to spend 8-hours all day Saturday, or maybe two four hour classes in the evening. A number of years ago, Fannie Mae, the big buyer of mortgage loans from lenders started offering an online class called FrameWork.

    Framework Home Buyer Education

    The online class quickly became very popular, as first time home buyers could start and stop the training, doing it at home, and as time permits.

    The Framework homebuyer course is the most comprehensive of its kind. It meets HUD guidelines and exceeds the National Industry Standards for Home Buyer Education and Counseling.

    What does that mean for you? Simply that the course is accepted by most local and national mortgage products and first-time homebuyer incentives that require education, including all of the most popular Minnesota first time home buyer programs.

    The only negative was the online class was $75.00, while most classroom programs were only $25.

    As not all people either qualify for, or need a first time home buyer class to buy a house.

    Therefore we still recommend that all potential home buyers, and those in need of down payment assistance first have their application reviewed by a licensed experienced Loan Officer. If a class is needed, we can assist in directing you to a class.First time home buyer online loan application

    Start the Framework Online Class

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