• Do you have a license?

      Yes, all mortgage lenders are required to have a licensed to do home loans. We are licensed in MN, WI, SD, and FL. Click the licensing tab to get more licensing information.

    • Will you charge a fee to do my loan?

      Yes, all mortgage loans have many costs associated with you getting a loan. These include lender fees, state taxes, recording fees, appraisal, credit report, title company fees, pro-rated property taxes, and even the cost of getting your first years home owners insurance. The lender fees are just a small portion of the overall cost of getting a home mortgage loan.  Your Loan Officer will give you a full breakdown of your costs and how they can be paid.  

    • Why should I use a mortgage broker?

      You can get your home loan from banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, and mortgage companies. All will get you a loan, but the best interest rates and program options usually are from mortgage brokers, who have access to programs and options from a wide network of lenders, unlike a bank for example, which only offers it's own programs, or big internet lenders, which generally DO NOT have access to any local first time home buyer programs or down payment assistance programs.

    • How does applying for a first time home buyer or down payment assistance loan work?

      It is no different than any other home loan. We need to get your application, which we can do with an in-office appointment, over the phone, or by you completing an online loan application.

      Completing an application doesn't hurt anything, and it doesn't obligate you to anything. It simply gives us all the information needed to see what loan programs you qualify for, how much home you can buy, your down payment requirements, and an idea of how much you could expect your monthly payments to be.

      You would then be given a Pre-Approval Latter to go look for a home.

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