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    Here in Minnesota, like most other states, to obtain down payment assistance as a first time home buyer, you ARE REQUIRED to attend an approved home buyer education class. This class is mandatory for programs like the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) Start Up loans, Dakota County First Time Home Buyer, City Living, and many other programs where you get assistance.  

    The class is also required to get reduced monthly mortgage insurance with the Home Ready conventional 3% down payment program, which is a HUGE benefit.

    The required class can be taken online, or in person at multiple locations across the state. There are different costs for each class ranging from as low as $25 to $75 per household. Only 1 borrower is required to attend.

    The official required class is a NO PRESSURE, NO OBLIGATION class. No software, books, or anything else to buy. They will teach you about making good decisions in your future home buying experiences, and provide great information about the qualifying process, improving your credit score, and much more. There is no better way to learn about being a First Time Home Buyer in Minnesota than to attend AN APPROVED home buyer education class.

    Upon completion of the class, you will received the required completion certificate that you need to give to your Loan Officer.

    PRO TIP: Classes put on by banks, real estate agents, credit unions, etc., ARE NOT the proper class to take. These "classes" are really just sales gimmicks designed to get you to use them. If you attend on of these sales seminars, you will still need to take the correct class.

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