• Minneapolis, MN: If you are in the process of, or about to be buying a home, there are many DO NOT DO items that can unintentionally get your mortgage loan pre-approval suddenly turned into a mortgage loan denial. Some seem to make logical sense, like don’t quit your job during the process, but the number of people who actually do is surprising.

    If you want to change job, but a new car, buy furniture for the new home, just be patient; there will always be time after closing.

    Do do list before closing


    Do NOT have new credit pulled

    Do NOT take out any new credit of any kind (including furniture)

    Do NOT buy a car, truck, or van (or you may be living in it)

    Do NOT increase the balances on your credit cards. You can use them, just don’t add large amounts

    Do NOT spend any of your down payment money

    Do NOT move money around accounts, or make any large deposits

    Do NOT change bank accounts

    Do NOT sell property (cars, motorcycles) without getting a bill of sale, a copy of the cashiers check, and title transfer

    Do NOT cosign any loan for anyone

    Do NOT change or quit your job

    If you are thinking of doing any of these Do Not items, please consult your Loan Officer FIRST to see how it may or may not effect your loan approval, or get you denied.

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