• Safely applying for a mortgage in a COVID world

    While CDC guidelines seem to be loosening with each passing day, for many people things still don’t feel “normal” enough to be comfortable meeting in-person. So the question is… Can you still obtain a mortgage with limited contact? Yes, at Cambria Mortgage you definitely can. Getting a mortgage virtually is a popular option, and we’re more prepared than ever to provide that service to our clients. Here are three tips to help your transaction go smoothly:

    Download the Cambria Mortgage Mobile App
    Your very first step to obtaining a home loan is to apply for one. We’ve made it easier, faster and simpler to do so than ever before. Clients have the option to apply for a home loan in as little as five minutes from a computer or from our mobile app. You can even begin the application on one device, close out and pick up at a later time on another device. With our mobile app you have access to loan details, tasks and next steps right from your smartphone. To download our mobile app, just click this link from your phone. 

    Set up a Time to Meet
    If you are uncomfortable meeting in person, our Loan Officers are happy to meet with you virtually via video conference, like Zoom, or with a phone call. Schedule your meeting online 24/7, and get instant confirmation. During this meeting you will get to know your Mortgage Consultant, ask any questions you may have, discuss your financial goals and learn what you should expect throughout the process. It’s important to our team that clients still feel that human connection and personal touch throughout the home financing process, even while doing business virtually.  

    Keep the Line of Communication Open
    There are many moving parts to the mortgage process. With our mobile app, you will receive push notifications that help you stay on top of the status of your loan as well as any outstanding tasks and easily connect with your Mortgage Consultant and Real Estate Agent. It’s important to note that if your Mortgage Consultant or processor reaches out requesting documentation or other necessities to keep your loan moving through the process, you should aim to reply in a timely manner. With the Cambria Mortgage Mobile App, you are able to scan and upload documents securely with your phone’s camera as well as sign certain documents right from the app! This helps to keep everything on track so you can close your loan on time and with ease. 

    Cambria® Mortgage™ is proud to be a continuous resource for our community. Let our team provide a seamless, stress-free home financing experience; call us today at (651) 552-3681 or visit the Joe Metzler team at iMortgageJoe.com.

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